Lara's Guard 3

3rd part of the movie by Barbell. This time Lara is on the beach with her best friend. They are enjoying the sun and her pet becomes really playful and starts to lick her face, breasts. Soon he gets on her face and she starts to suck and swallow deep in her throat his cock. Eventually he cums inside her mouth. The next scene starts with the dog licking her pussy. Soon he jumps on her from behind and fucks her in the doggy style position as the true reason of this pose :) As they keep fucking some anal sex also appears, hot dogging between her butt cheeks. But the most interesting starts as Lara Croft opens a condom, puts it inside her mouth and then wears it on the dog's cock as he puts his dick inside her mouth. They keep fucking and everyone cums, and then Lara takes that full condom and drinks out all the semen from it. Good night!

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