Witcher Mini

SumthinDifrnt made a video about Witcher 3 and it's characters. After the events of Witcher 3, Geralt & Yennefer decide to have a trip down to Zerrikania. Yennefer, being impatient told Geralt she'd go ahead in a portal and be ready for him to arrive. Geralt, who hates portals, agreed, after a few days riding, he eventually arrived at the inn. Leaving Roach his trusty horse behind, he enters the inn. Geralt asks innkeeper about the presence of Yennefer Vengerberg, who confirms that she's in the second floor and making too much noise. Geralt goes upstairs to check everything out and Yen is in the bed perfectly fine and asks him to join her and relax. Later Yennerfer opens a portal and a dark man appears from it. As Geralt is sleeping really tight Yen starts to suck black guy's cock and later on even fucks him in different positions right at the Geralt's feet. The video is presented as mix of images with story and actual animations. Unfortunately, cum is only an image.

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