Final Fantasy

In all sex scenes seems that we have one guy - Cloud Strife or Tidus, it's hard to tell as we don't see exact face. In the first scene we see threesome between that male character - his fucking Tifa Lockhart from behind while Tifa is licking Rikku's pussy. In the second scene Tifa is kissing probably Yuna's boobs, while the guy is fucking her from the side as they lie on the bed. In the third scene we see only Rikku's face while some girl is being fucked in the ass and she is licking her clitoris. 4th scene is really simple - Tifa is getting fucked in the ass from behind, alone. 5th scene features Yuna, Rikku and a guy. Guy is lying on the bed and Rikku is sitting on his face to enjoy oral pleasures, while Yuna is sucking his cock. In the end he cums on Tifa's face and inside her mouth.

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